Hankinson Boxing Gym was founded in May 2015, by James and Brittany Hankinson. James, also known as Coach Hank, has always loved boxing. James and Brittany watched their girls, Tyriona and Jabreiona box through other programs for a few years.  
However, after prayer and support of their loved ones, they decided that it was time to start their own boxing program for the youth.
See they didn't want just a simple boxing program, but a program that was available to our youth to take them out of the streets. So, they turned their shed into a work out area, their backyard into a boxing ring, and their living room into a tutoring and Bible study area.
They spend most weekends with the children, taking them to boxing events, outings or just having them hanging around the house.
They feel if these kids are with them, then they can't be in the streets or getting into any trouble. Since the start of the gym, we have added so much more to our program to enhance these kids to be great kids and successful adults.

Hankinson Boxing Gym is all about the
youth. We not only offer amateur boxing training, but we offer fitness training, tutoring, bible study, career development, sex education, mentoring, life skills, nutrition classes and so much more.

Hankinson Boxing Gym and it's staff are dedicated to making our youth great!!!

James and Brittany Hankinson were married on May 5, 2012. They have 3 children, Tyriona, Jabreiona, and James Jr. They attend Bible Way Church of Aiken.
They both graduated from Aiken High School.
They started this non-profit organization on a dream and a prayer. They had a dream to help kids and decided to do it all while incorporating James's passion for boxing. They wanted to make this generation a future generation of leaders.
They incorperate their fun and outgoing spirit into the gym. It helps allow the kids to open up and adapt to changing for the better!