1. Arris Brown came to Hankinson Boxing Gym as a troubled teen. Over the years Arris began to use his energy into becoming victorius inside the ring. Arris became a dedicated boxer from going to school to work to boxing practice. While staying above water Arris managed school, working and boxing very well. We are proud of the things that Arris has accomplished. Arris graduate from Aiken High School in 2018. and joined the military and became a USA ARMY soilder.
    Arris Brown
    Getting Our Youth off the streets
  2. Telissa is one of our boxers in training. She came to us struggling to make it through her daily exercises. She complained about her breathing. After only a month, she was able to run 2 miles without stopping and without being out of breath. She was able to do all of her exercises without stopping. We made sure she understood the importance of drinking water and eating healthy. The picture you see, is the result of a month's worth a training at Hankinson Boxing Gym.
    Telissa Washington
    Fitness and Nutrition
  3. Jabreiona is only one of 9 that have been baptized since the start of our program. These 9 have chosen to be baptized. We encourage all of our children to learn about God and learn that with God--All things are possible. We pray before and after practices and boxing events. We are extremely proud of each of the kids for taking the step of being baptized and we will continue to encourage them spiritually. Hankinson Boxing Gym love God and our youth.
    Jabreiona Hankinson
    Baptisms and Bible Study
  4. I have watched each one of these kids grow in a different way! I have watched them not only learn to respect others, but to most importantly respect themselves. I have seen them grow closer to God with our Bible study classes and church on Sunday. I have watched them learned that their behavior not only effects them, but others. I watched them learn to be accountable for themselves. Watching these kids benefit from our program is such an amazing experience.
    Brittany Hankinson
    Founder's View